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Knowledge Middle Earth is an HR Training & Development Training Centre Established in 2010. Specialized in different training courses with value added support of skills and knowledge to organizations and individuals through best practices of educational & professional training services.
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EPS069 الإبداع والسلوك التحفيز القيادي 13-September-2015 17-September-2015 Istanbul 2500 $
ESP068 الابداع والتميز فى ادارة الموارد البشرية وشؤون الموظفين 13-September-2015 17-September-2015 Istanbul  $
MS012 مهارات التسويق الالكترونى 06-September-2015 10-September-2015 Dubai TBA $
ICC013 Communication Skills for Administrators 06-September-2015 10-September-2015 Malaysia TBA $
CM006 فعالية ونجاح التفاوض في العقود وتنفيذها 06-September-2015 10-September-2015 دبى TBA $
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Course Title:ML005- Empower Your Leadership Skills
Description : 06-10 SEPTEMBER 2015 Distinguish between management and leadership: Identify their strengths and leadership styles through self-assessments. Examine various leadership theories with emphasis on situational leadership: Identify the major competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EI): Define the role of the leader as delegator and change agent: Employees whose responsibilities require delegation, leading and managing change will also benefit from the program.
Course Title:FA002- Effective Budgeting and Cost Control
Description : 06-10 SEPTEMBER 2015 Identifying the Fixed Costs: Computing Breakeven Point in Units: The Critical Functions of Management: Aligning the Budget with the Organization’s Strategy: Road Map to Strategy: Budget as a Planning Tool: Control: The Missing Link: Planning Pitfalls: Budget as a Control Tool: The Control Process: Characteristics of an Effective Control System
Course Title:CSR002- Latest of Customer Service Professional
Description : 06-10 SEPTEMBER 2015 Explain the importance of a customer service culture in a competitive environment: Analyze basic behavioral patterns of different customer personalities and the best way to deal with them: Implement strategies for service recovery aimed at regaining customer loyalty: Define the process of managing a customer complaint system: Discuss and practice the techniques of effective communication skills with customers.
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