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Knowledge Middle Earth is an HR Training & Development Training Centre Established in 2010. Specialized in different training courses with value added support of skills and knowledge to organizations and individuals through best practices of educational & professional training services.
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L2 Customer Service 12-July-2015 16-July-2015 Dubai 2500 $
ESP048 Specialized Training in Strategic Planning & Implementation 19-July-2015 23-July-2015 Dubai 2750  $
ML007 Supervisory High Skills 12-July-2015 16-July-2015 Dubai 2850 $
MS012 مهارات التسويق الالكترونى 19-July-2015 23-July-2015 Dubai 1500 $
MS012 E-Marketing Skills 19-July-2015 23-July-2015 Dubai 1500 $
ICC013 Communication Skills for Administrators 12-July-2015 16-July-2015 Malaysia 3500 $
SOM013 فن ومهارات السكرتاية التنفيذية الناجحة 05-July-2015 09-July-2015 دبى 2750  $
CM006 فعالية ونجاح التفاوض في العقود وتنفيذها 05-July-2015 09-July-2015 دبى 2750  $
CS0016 Customer Relationship Management 12-July-2015 16-July-2015 Dubai 2750 $
CM009 Successful Elements Of Contracts (Limitation, Obligation And Implementation) 19-July-2015 23-July-2015 Dubai 2850 $
PR008 Success Of Public Relations 26-July-2015 30-July-2015 Istanbul 4500 $
SM005 Management And Health , Safety & Environment 05-July-2015 09-July-2015 Abu Dhabi 2850 $
SML001 Material And Supply Chain Management 05-July-2015 09-July-2015 Malaysia 4200 $
SM003 First Safety , Health And Environment Competencies 12-July-2015 16-July-2015 Muscat 3500 $
SM001 Health And Safety In The Work Place 19-July-2015 23-July-2015 Bahrain 4000 $
CM010 إعداد العقود ومراعاة القانون والبشر والتكلفة 12-July-2015 16-July-2015 دبى 2560  $
SML008 Negotiation Strategies For Cost Affective And Quality Purchase 12-July-2015 16-July-2015 Dubai 2750 $
CSR003 دورة متقدمة في خدمة العملاء ( الشكاوي - المراجعة والتطور) 26-July-2015 30-July-2015 أبوظبى 2560  $
SML001 Material And Supply Chain Management 19-July-2015 23-July-2015 Malaysia 4200 $
ICC008 أساسايات التواصل والإتصال للشركة والأقسام 05-July-2015 09-July-2015 دبى 2750  $
CSR007 Change From Customer Satisfaction To Happier Customers 05-July-2015 09-July-2015 Bahrain 4000 $
ESP035 الإستراتيجيات الحديثة للعلاقات العامة والإعلام 26-July-2015 30-July-2015 دبي 3150 $
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